The Mobile Ad EcoSystem Explained

Here is a great inforgraphic and article that details how the mobile advertising ecosystem works.  There are of course many details contained in these various boxes – including the types of ad networks and how they sell the advertising. For example, some networks sell only on a CPM, or cost per thousand impressions. Others will do everything, Cost per Click, Cost per Download, Cost per Lead even Cost per Sale.

Here at Call Me Mobi, we are building a Network of publishers who are willing to work ona Cost per Call basis.  Of course, most publishers will participate in multiple networks running t he ads that generate the most revenue.

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5 Good and 5 Bad Click to Call Calls to Action

A recent article over at eConsultancy caught my attention. In it they do a side by side comparison of Good Vs Bad placement oif Click to Call buttons on mobile landing pages. It really isn’t hard to do good design. Keep it simple. Make it easy for your prospective customer to get in touch with you. Read all about it here


Mobile Advertising Gets Smart – The coming boom in RTB

M & C Saatichi Mobile, one of the larger Mobile centric Advertising Agencies in the world recently published a white paper predicting that  2013 will be the year the real time bidding (RTB) takes hold in mobile.

The paper entitled “Inside Mobile Advertising: Top 5 Trends and Insights”, points to the growing influence of Demand Side Platform (DSP) technology as the catalyst for smarter mobile ad networks with built-in Real Time Bidding (RTB) capabilities. These smarter ad networks give advertisers better “real time” insights into mobile audiences. As a result, they can serve more accurate and targeted adverts to mobile consumers, according to more precise criteria such as end-user demographic and behavioural data. This in turn delivers more efficient and cost-effective use of available inventory by advertisers and brands using the mobile channel.

Here at Call Me Mobi, we are deeply invested in RTB to maximize the performance of our clients’ mobile ad campaigns. The rapidly evolving mobile ecosystem holds great opportunities fore publishers and advertisers alike. However, the Saatchis have more resources and have deployed them to do the heavy lifting and deep dive research. We thank them for that. You can download the white paper via this link.  If you read it and end up hiring M&C Saatchi Mobile, pleae let them know I snet you and would appreciate a finder’s fee. If you would like to learn more about our services here at Call Me Mobi – Call Peter Clough at 443.220.7526

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Try the New Blackberry Z-10 – On Your iPhone!?!

Blackberry has set up a special web site to demonstrate the new Z-10 phone operating system. So you can see what it will look like and how it works. It’s actually kind of cool, but until we see it on a real device in the wild, it’s still just a demo. A very pretty demo and it’s worth taking a look. The Blackberry Screen share part is a little creepy… a bigger article at ad age.  Or if you are on a mobile just jump there now and check it out. 





Ad:Tech San Francisco launches mobile app

Forget about carrying around  that 4 pound directory – download the app!  Wish I was going, we’ll see you next year, San Francisco. Tech phones