What is an Explainer Video?

An Explainer Video is a short animated video that well, explains a product concept or service in a nice simple illustrated way. Here let me Explain:

what is What is an Explainer Video?an explainer from C Peter Clough on Vimeo.


So, if you want one of these for your website – let me know. Our partners at ExplainCraft will work with you to create an awesome and affordable video that will pay for it self in just a few short weeks. or months, it certainly won’t take years – these things really work!

Send me a message for more details. peter@callmemobi.com

Here are some additional examples of the Explainer Videos that our team has created so far.

why use OML from C Peter Clough on Vimeo.

Untitled from C Peter Clough on Vimeo.

Try the New Blackberry Z-10 – On Your iPhone!?!

Blackberry has set up a special web site to demonstrate the new Z-10 phone operating system. So you can see what it will look like and how it works. It’s actually kind of cool, but until we see it on a real device in the wild, it’s still just a demo. A very pretty demo and it’s worth taking a look. The Blackberry Screen share part is a little creepy… a bigger article at ad age.  Or if you are on a mobile just jump there now and check it out. 





Ad:Tech San Francisco launches mobile app

Forget about carrying around  that 4 pound directory – download the app!  Wish I was going, we’ll see you next year, San Francisco.

http://na.ad-tech.com/sf/mobile-app/ad Tech phones

Introducing Call Me Mobi



Introducing Call Me Mobi, if you want more info on how we approach mobile direct response advertising,  well… Call Me Mobi.

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